Why Choose Organic?


Organic means working with nature.

It means higher levels of our planet's welfare and more.

Whatever you’re buying – from cotton buds to carrots – when you choose organic food, drink, or beauty and textiles, you choose products that promote a better world.

Organic muslin is cotton grown without insecticides, pesticides, and genetically modified seeds. It is also produced without toxic dyes or other processing chemicals. Cotton is the most used fibre in clothing production but currently, only 1% of cotton produced worldwide is organic.


And the belief that everything starts with the mother and her baby... 

Our purpose has been to combine simplicity, comfort, and safety for our little ones and different but useful designs that are sensitive to the environment and our planet.

Our all fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton, without any chemicals and all dyes are plant-based. All of them breathable and chewable especially for the newborns. This is the main reason why organic cotton muslin fabric is the best friend of mums...

The fabric is light & super soft and has a nice texture due to the weaving.

It is the best behaviour both for your individual health and the health of our planet...