About Monoch London

As Monoch London co-founder and fashion designer, I’ve always loved aesthetics and functional benefit all-in-one.

The purpose of creating Monoch London has been to combine simplicity, comfort, and safety in different but useful designs that are sensitive to the environment and our planet. With the belief that everything starts with the mother and her baby, the desire to match all these benefits in them is really pleasing.

We made our selection of fabrics and materials knowing the beauty and benefits of using more natural, softest, and highest-quality materials for our little ones. 

As a result of all this; all of our designs are made of 100 % cotton and 100 % organic cotton and printed with vegetable dyes. For this reason, it is completely breathable and chewable for them and safe for the skin of the little ones.

We are appreciated for supporting our values and fall in with us in the same mood.

Wish you to enjoy it!

in the name of Monoch London team